Metrics and measurement matters!

When was the last time you did an activity audit? With finite time and resources, it’s vital to make sure you’re making the most of all your efforts. One way to check you are on track is to ensure you have some measurements and metrics in place that allow you to see the numbers. Numbers of any kind are useful, because they give us tangible and incremental evidence for what is and isn’t working and also what you an idea of whether something is actually having the impact you want it to have.

Numbers can also show you what you should let go of or focus on more.

Every speaker, author and coach needs to track what they are doing, where they are spending their time and money. If one of your metrics is consistently telling a story that you are not reaching the goal you set, you can with good conscience let it go.

For example, if going to a networking meeting has not generated any leads in the last months, it might be time to let that go and use your time differently. If you spend ten minutes a day on Instagram and you get a lot of attention or direct messages, perhaps it’s time to do that twice a day. You get the idea. 

Numbers help us know what we need to do more of and less of. Regularly ensuring you know your business through the numbers makes you make better decisions. You start doing more of what is making an impact, rather than doing what you like best in the business. 

Go check what you are tracking and make sure they tell the story of what needs to happen next.

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