What if you were beautifully unreasonable today?

It’s easy to toe the line, or fall into doing so. When you want your speaker, author, coach business to stand out, you need to sometimes take steps that feel brave or strong or indeed beautifully unreasonable.

We’re not suggesting you go about that in a rude or impolite way, only with an insistence on getting your end result and staying the course, whatever it takes. Not giving up when something hard happens. Not giving in when a door shuts, but instead finding a way around it.

Doing it beautifully is where the art comes in.

Remember what you stand for and what you are here to do, what your message is all about. Do something unreasonable with that in mind; ask more of yourself; your clients; your prospects; your audience.

What might happen if you spent a little bit of today asking more of yourself or others than you usually do? And what would it take for you to be just a little unreasonable in order to create that?

It might just be the audacious and fun thing you need to ‘spice’ up your marketing or draw attention to you anew.

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