When should you create more!?!

It’s in the DNA of a speaker, author and coach to create. To think up ideas, to see things from a different perspective and to want to share that. Before you do, we urge you to evaluate just what the outcome of that creation might be. If you do, you might save yourself hours of wasted effort. We love it when our clients come to us full of the joys of spring, full of ideas of revolutionising the world. We also tend to put the brakes on for them.

Don’t create for the pleasure of creating.

Only create when it generates ‘more’ — for you, for your company, for your clients, for the world. It’s so tempting for speakers, authors and coaches to just ‘make’ something, to respond to some crisis you see one of your clients have. You are designed to support, educate and connect. You are natural problem solving machines. And usually your response is a) to rant and b) to make a product for the situation.

That’s not a great way to add to your product range. Most of the time, there will be an immediate and small number of people that say YES! The rest of them, don’t necessarily know what’s going on or how this new venture will help them. Most of the time it’s because ‘distraction’ products don’t really sell well. They are not a natural fit within your product range, they are a (knee-jerk) reaction and will not net you massive fortune or even many connections.

You have to figure out if they want your ‘more’ BEFORE you make it!

Survey your audience and THEN decide what you are going to make more of. You may realise that it’s only you getting inspired about something that you can turn into content, a rant filled blog, a chat with your group, or even a white paper. But none of those things are the pay the rent. The impact of them might support that further down the line. But you have to work out if they need it. Or want it.

Once you know ‘more’ you can do more.

You can figure out way before you make something whether it’s really a good idea. Get information about the likely potential of your new idea or product — gained by surveys, beta testing and indeed talking through with your own coach or mentor. Once you have that data, not only will the idea have stood the test of time, now you’ll have ‘more’ information about whether the market is ready for it, what it will take to get it out there and most importantly, if it’s worth your time and effort.

What else could you do?

Top satisfy the creative urge, you might consider what ELSE you might create more of? More space, more peace, more clients? More writing, more speaking, more teaching, more connecting?

Products take time. Ideas shared take less effort, time and resources.

The point here is that you are in charge of all the ‘more’ you desire, you just have to define it. So if you’ve not yet done that, take a moment out today to sit quietly and ask: what do I want more of in my life? In my business? In the world? See what shows up for you. Do your best to not dismiss it, but instead, sit and listen for what comes. You might just be surprised, you’ll hopefully be inspired!

And then, don’t let it go. Take a tiny action to head in the direction of the ‘more’ you want.

If you want any support to do this, reach out for a call or join The Connection Hub to get access to over 200 resources to keep you growing your speaker, author, and coach business.

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