Get good at making decisions…

You could argue that every speaker, author, coach business is hampered or helped by great decision making skills. The decisions we make shape the business we create, on a daily basis! They also impact our lives and way of living. So how skilled are you at making decisions?!

The more you are able to make fast, effective and aligned decisions, the easier it is to simply go out and serve those you want to work with, and plenty of them! When you don’t have a set direction, or when you are unclear about the outcomes you want, you become indecisive. That wastes time, squanders energy and leaves you unsatisfied.

We get it, you’ve got to make decisions every single day and that in itself can be wearing. The better you get at choosing what’s right and what will be a best next step for a project, a client or indeed the whole business, the easier it is for you to take action.

All actions have consequences.

Here’s the real thing. Just as all actions have consequences, all decisions have implications and ripples — and all of them generate new decisions needing to be made! Get less afraid of making decisions. If you make a ‘wrong’ one, you can simply correct it. Keep in motion. Decision making is problem solving and the sooner you make your decisions, the quicker you get to fix or provide your solution to someone.

Get good at this skill, your business will thank you for it.

Start by noticing, just for this week, just how many decisions you make through the week, and how many are ‘big’ versus how many are the tiny, needle-moving ones, and your level of comfort with making both kinds. The easier it is for you to understand your process, the better you’ll get at making decisions. THAT can only help you and your business thrive. Let us know how you get on!

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