How unique are you, really?

Do you stand out in your industry and niche?

We all like to think that we do. Much of the time though, we are still ‘lumped’ in with another bunch of speakers, authors and coaches. It’s likely that it’s hard to differentiate you from those who offer similar services.

Are you using your uniqueness?

Let this be a prompt to really connect to what your ‘genius’ is — the thing that you do that no-one else does or at least no-one else in your market space does. Share from that space. Be known for that. Use what makes you special. Your voice is what makes you stand out from the pack. Understanding WHY people choose you and your solutions means you get to provide more of it to more people. Ultimately that’s what you want your efforts to achieve.

What are others in your field doing?

Taking a look at the ‘competition’ now and then can be a good thing to do. It shows you whether your key messages are the same or similar to those that are in your industry. There is an abundance of work and people out there who do what you do. Seeing what others are doing, writing and making can help you ensure that you are standing out from the crowd. You can take inspiration from it. 

It’s actually a good that there are lots of a ‘type’ e.g. ‘Leadership’ Coaches & Speakers, because that normalises the whole profession and creates demand in general.

So — what you are doing within that group of people to actually highlight your own uniqueness? It could be personality led, result led or IP led (or a blend of all three). We invite you to take a good look at how you are using your genius, your uniqueness to attract attention and tweak or update as needed.

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